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ECHELECU.ORG is a non-profit organization in Peru, South America, that promotes tourism and social responsibility in the world. Work with entrepreneurs, graduated, master's and doctoral Peruvian and foreign universities worldwide for its contribution to local culture. Fernando Puente Zambrano, Master in Management and Business Administration in Tourism, University of Alacant, Autónoma of Barcelona and Carlos III de Madrid, IUP SPAIN, is recognized by travel industry in Peru for his professional and successful career helping companies and entrepreneurs to understand and assume a comprehensive knowledge in technology, and business development. capital consists of 100% Peruvian, committed to economic development, has more than 5 years of proven track record in the Tourism Sector. Comprehensive consulting to improve organizational processes, and sales steadily, supporting new businesses and those in development. Continuously, struck up a close relationship with our customers based on long-term relationships, trust and commitment with each of them. focuses on technology: digital distribution, media, marketing, and web strategy, its strong support for new businesses and those in development. We are an institution that is framed on the principles and objectives of the International Federation of Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism (IFITT) International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism-IFITT has offices in: Australia, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Greece, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, promoting international debate over the use of information technology in the field of tourism by encouraging businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Short description: Development and Tourism projects
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