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The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) is a national resource providing training, support and advice in the field of early childhood development. The focus of our work is on improving the education and care of children from disadvantaged communities.

We work with:
◾Communities, providing technical assistance to early childhood development projects

◾Organisations, enhancing organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

◾Individuals , developing skills and increasing their capacity.

◾Parents, providing information on the development of children.


The Centre for Early Childhood Development is committed to putting young children first by ensuring quality care and education for our country’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.


We believe that young children must be put first in society. Our mission is to increase the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities in delivering early childhood development services. This is pursued through a range of programmes, projects and services.


The Centre for Early Childhood Development strives to:
◾Advocate policies and practices that create improved conditions for young children.

◾Assist policy makers in the search for effective and affordable ways of offering early childhood development services.

◾Promote effective, affordable and replicable models for early childhood development.

◾Support and strengthen organisations and communities which offer early childhood development services.

◾Build partnerships with organisations implementing early childhood development programmes.

◾Create awareness about early childhood development by developing and disseminating resources,
information and materials to the field.

◾Assist communities to establish early childhood development centres and programmes.

◾Provide training opportunities for early childhood development workers.

Short description: ECD CENTRE is centre for children under below six years of age and the association bukiha is on website www.bukiha.jimdo.com is trying to train and teach these young ones.
Telephone: 256774198050
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.cecd.org.za/

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