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Rod has a philosophy that people and debts are separate and that people should be treated with respect and courtesy.  Bad debts do not equal bad people.  The vast majority of the firm’s clients have had some major financial catastrophe such as divorce, job loss, illness or a death in the family.  Financial crises do not have to lead to the end of someone’s financial life.  We help to remove the stigma of the financial crisis and give the person protection from their creditors through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Short description: At Kemsley Law Firm, Rod Kemsley helps families and individuals to file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code. He assists finding debt solutions for people in and around the Houston area.
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Company address: 505 N. Sam Houston Paryway E., Suite 400
Slogan: Bankruptcy Attorney & Counselor
Postal Code: 77060
Telephone: 281-847-4345
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Skype username: Rod S. Kemsley


Contact Person: Rod Kemsley
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