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Personal healthcare Co.,ltd is a young and dynamic company with personal trainer of experiences, skills, and expertisein many years. We committed to bring specialhealthcare program to fit each individual client’s needs. Each exercise is is designed with innovation toachieve the best results through training. Personal Healthcare Co.,ltd helps clients know how to care their health with an exercises system and proper regimen. This will help customers have a healthy body,prevent disease and slow down the aging process. Personal Healthcare Co.,ltd aims at creating a healthcare system, not only to solve the healthcare problem of the customer but also to bring great value and extra facilities that could not be found in elsewhere. We offer: * Flexibility in choosing a place and time to practice a * Positive training environment * Electronic exercise system * Training process electronic records Be our customers today, you can gethealthyphysically as well asmentally, happy and joyful inlife.

Short description: Services - Personal Trainer services - Nutritions - Fitness
Company address: 221 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ward 4, Dictrict 5, HCM city
Postal Code: +84

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