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Publish advanced online surveys in minutes, view real time results graphically and with decision support tools to analyze and interpret the results. DataPotential provides free online survey and statistical decisioning software.

A highly analytical survey application that helps you analyze and filter the results in an extremely powerful manner. Inbuilt Six Sigma analysis, Chi-square tests, advanced fileters and drill down charts let you dive into the data in real time and get actionable, statistically valid results. Take the next step in intelligent surveys with Data Potential, start now!!

Customer service support application:

Here is a web based solution to manage your customer queries and a workflow to keep track of all requests. Save costs and improve customer service at the same time!

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Crystal decision support - The product is an internet based application. It is a breakthrough concept to segregate process knowledge from system knowledge based on lean principles of 5S, JIT and error proofing. The application is a “Decision support” tool with a built in workflow. The use of this application ensures process adherence and consistent decision making by a group of resources. This product is uniquely positioned to help the processor with taking a decision on ‘what to do’ in a specific situation. Most CRM and customer databases provide a detailed view of the customer to the agent, however, there is little support provided to the resources on what to do and what conditions to follow before taking a specific action on the CRM.

Short description: Online Surveys with advanced analysis features, Online application and workflow to improve customer service
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Slogan: Smarter decisions
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