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Chipboard and Laminated MDF offered by C Workshop can really help you in making your work simple. The amazing customer service offered by the company can help you in getting specialized MDF cut to size services. They are known to offer impeccable products that fall well within your budget. C Workshop is your one stop solution to success.

Short description: melamine faced chipboard - mdf boards cut to size - egger boards - oak veneered mdf - melamine boards cut to size
Company name
Company address: Unit A1
Slogan: oak veneered MDF cut to size
Postal Code: NW10 7QY
Telephone: 0208 961 8503
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.cworkshop.co.uk
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CWorkshopLtd


Contact Person: Felix Zajarnijus
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