Short description: About us: Whisper Media was founded in 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia with the intent of helping brands reach out to their target audience using entertaining platforms such as movies, TV shows and music videos. In line with this mission, Whisper Media si
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      • Centillien

        Social Media Marketing Strategy

        Social Media Marketing Strategy
        February 22, 2016 - Basic steps for a social media strategy and how to interact with your targeted audience.
        • Berrie Pelser

          Social Media Marketing Mistakes, an infographic via @BerriePelser

          August 27, 2015 - Social Media Marketing Mistakes The tips are fairly simple, but they speak to many problems in planning and approach that continue to damage social media marketing’s reputation. Whether it’s oversaturating your content, or missing the...
          • Berrie Pelser

            The Power and History of Hashtags an Infographic

            February 25, 2015 - The Power and History of Hashtags, an Infographic For decades the #hashtag symbol was more commonly referred to as the pound sign (while others see it as the all-too-familiar crisscrossing lines used to play tic-tac-toe). In recent years, this...
            • Berrie Pelser

              The Potential Of Social Media For B2B In 2015 an infographic

              February 18, 2015 - The Potential Of Social Media For B2B In 2015 an infographic Businesses (B2B) engaging with consumers via social media is nothing new; it’s been on a skyward trajectory for several years. But over time, the number of potential social media...
              • Henri Koppen

                Zo genereer je extra omzet als winkel

                October 13, 2014 - Dit weekend had ik het jaarlijkse mossel avondje met mijn schoonfamilie. Mijn vrouw had als toetje een kaasplankje samengesteld en aan mij de eer om dessertwijn te kopen. Nu ken ik de man van de Gall & Gall goed dus hij weet waar ik van houdt....
                • Cognit Consulting SA de CV

                  Link Building, la mejor manera de optimizar tu SEO

                  September 22, 2014 - El link building es una de las mejores y más efectivas  herramientas para subir rápidamente el posicionamiento de tu sitio web  cuando los usuarios realizan una búsqueda. En la optimización de motores...
                  • Berrie Pelser

                    Superb Professional Animated Videos by @GoAnimate

                    September 1, 2014 - Superb Professional Animated Videos by GoAnimate An easy learning curve, low budget, simple do-it-yourself tool! Animated Videos Unlike many video marketing providers out there, who come and go, GoAnimate have been around since 2007 and serve...
                    • Cognit Consulting SA de CV

                      Encuentra el camino para tu Marketing Digital

                      August 16, 2014 - ¿Aún no tienes bien definida la estrategia con la que deseas surcar la web para promocionar tus productos o servicios? Te echamos una mano presentándote 7 de las principales tendencias en marketing digital que de acuerdo a...