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Corpin Testing Solutions Established in 2006, with a bright vision to be a pioneer in providing Training,
Placements and Staffing Solutions, HR Consulting and Educational Services. Our motto is to deliver remarkable
educational services to the people of all ages in the society. CorpinTesing Solutions is backed up by a team
of energetic youngsters and hardworking nature and driven by the urge to be the best.

We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients by delivering value-added services of high quality.
CorpintestingSolutions has conducted Traning programs for students and corporate clients on technologies such as
certification course such as TESTING TOOLS.
With our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the employers and job seekers, we seek to build a reputation
for being reliable, fair-minded and straightforward. Combined with this is our methodology and work ethics that help
us getting the job done quickly and efficiently.
Our services bring the deepest, broadest and freshest experience, programs and technology to the table to ensure a
successful and sustainable talent management plan.

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Corpin Testing Solutions
Beside Axis Bank,SRNagar,

Short description: Testing Tools Education institute
Slogan: Place to Start Your Profession
Telephone: 8008571613
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