xcel health care products

Business description

X’cel Healthcare is one stop shop for baby products in India with“Cash-on-Delivery” facility. With wide range of baby care products like baby diapers, baby nappies, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, adult diapers, air mattress and disposable underpads; we have being satisfying our customers with premium quality of all our line of work

Short description: Easyfit is a trusted name in exporting baby products like Baby Diapers, Blood Pressure Monitor, Air Mattress, Kids Bed, Nebulizer and many more with cash on delivery facility.
Company name
Company address: 204, JV complex, 2/13 Race course road, Indore – 3 (MP) India
Slogan: Baby Diapers Online– Blood Pressure Monitors, Air Mattress, Adult Diapers, Buy Nebulizer
Postal Code: 45200
Telephone:      0731 – 422210567
Mobile phone:    9425061062
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/xceleasyfit

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