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My name is Chaman and I am from Himachal Perdesh, North India. 
I have come to Delhi for my further education about 3 yrs. ago but as I found it is very hard living in Delhi without good financial resources. So, I left my study and started working with my brother. But as I was very young for work so my brother suggests me to continue with my studies and talked to his known women who helped once my brother for his education. Her kindness supported me to continue my study but as I noticed that there is not only me to whom she is helping, I quickly decided to dedicate my life for her amazing work. She is teaching & helping more than 102 students in a school. Her work inspired me a lot and gave me right and true direction of my life.

 Now I am a student and as well as helping in a community coulled wahoe yoga & meditation retrear i learned hatha yoga now i also started to teach to people, plise if any one is enstring to learn hatha yoga concket me in chaman.nehta@gmail.com

Thank you

Short description: My self is chaman nehta i am hatha yoga teacher.
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