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We are located in the Highlands serving authentic Peruvian food. Peruvian Cuisine is considered to be one of the most diverse in the world. Thanks to its Inca origins and to the Spanish,African,Sino-Cantoneses,Japanese,Italian,and French immigration,Peruvian cooking combines the flavors of four continents.We invite you to enjoy the most exquisite traditional Peruvian dishes this side of the Rockies, all inside a chilled and pleasant environment where excellent food and great service combine in order to make lunch or dinner an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality food and service because all of our menu items are prepared fresh and from scratch everyday. We have live music on the patio every Saturday.

Short description: Seafood Restaurant, Restaurant, Latin American Restaurant, Peruvian Restaurant, Bar & Grill
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Company address: 2257 W 32nd Ave
Postal Code: 80203
Telephone: 720-627-5374
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Contact Person: Micheal Bice
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