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We’re not a traditional ‘SEO’ or internet marketing company, and we try to make that clear from the very first call – SEO (and many other forms of internet marketing) have been tarnished over the years by some horrible practices that once worked but now have no place in online marketing. What we provide is something different, and it’s called inbound marketing.
What is inbound marketing?

You can think of inbound marketing as the new and improved version of internet marketing. Over the last couple of years, the term ‘search engine optimization’ has been slowly replaced by a very new and very exciting online brand development strategy known as ‘inbound marketing’.
You see, once upon a time, when Google had trouble understanding and ranking content, SEO was focused purely on a primitive form of link building; but now in order for SEO to work, you need to focus on a whole bunch of things like social media, web design, content marketing, conversion optimization and the overall user experience that your website offers. There are other things too, but to make things simple we group all of this stuff under the term, ‘inbound marketing’.

Short description: The Ophira Media Company is results driven and a full service inbound marketing agency with massive experience in all areas of online brand development.
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