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Companies are constantly faced with changes in laws and regulations, market shifts, product developments and technological developments. Many of these changes require shifts in the way we work and think. Change becomes a personal and cultural issue.
The pace of change has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, both commercially and technologically. The time-to-market for new products needs to be shortened. The introduction of new technology needs to be faster. How do you deal with it? How do you ensure that your employees are able to adapt to with this change? How do you manage change in such a way that it immediately adds value to the business?
As MShift I provide services to facilitate the process of change, not only from a technological but more importantly from a business perspective.
My vision for change: Shift Happens. The world is changing, setting new challenges. Every organisation and every employee makes choices on how to deal with these changes. We support organisations and employees in shaping and directing change.

Short description: Shift Happens. Are you ready for change?
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