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Short description: We are selling and shipping used computers, laptops and other electornic access at affordable rates
Company address: R/O 131 BECONTREE AVENUE
Telephone: 44 20 3643 8070

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    • Bizone Traders
      There are many companies which use laptops for day to day operations. As the companies are getting bigger in size and complex in operations, they will need laptops in bulk quantity. Buying laptops from a retail store can be very expensive for every...
      • Bizone Traders
        All of us are aware of the insanely increasing rates in today’s age. Electronics and gadgets now-a-days have become so expensive that it takes severe thought before making a purchase. The biggest problem that a tech savvy individual face is...
        • Bizone Traders
          In the history of mankind, computers brought a new revolution. Technological world that we live in today, without them was just unimaginable. Whether it was about measuring the speed of running train or to make the complex calculations of a...
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