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If you want to fill your day with joy, fun, entertainment and adventure test Abu Dhabi Desert Safari – a fabulous journey through the magical deserts of Abu Dhabi. The fame of city of Dubai has been overshadowing till recently. Abu Dhabi coming out of it and emerging into a tourist hub, which is popular and holds a wide spectrum of attractions, is a recent phenomenon. Abu Dhabi desert safari is the most famous of these attractions. If a visit to Abu Dhabi has to be complete, you should engage in the experience of an Abu Dhabi desert safari.

Experienced people recommend November to March as the most appropriate time to come to Abu Dhabi for a desert safari. During those times, Abu Dhabi offers a pleasant climate. That is the right time to savour the adventure of an Abu Dhabi desert safari. The cool weather adds fillip to the adventure contained in the desert safari. It is the combination of both traditional and modern activities that makes the Abu Dhabi desert safari special.

The first step of Abu Dhabi desert safari is when you are picked up from the hotel. Following it will be your voyage into the vistas of Abu Dhabi deserts for dune bashing. In an opulent four wheeler, you will have a roller coaster ride through the undulating sands of Abu Dhabi. Your heart will definitely pop out of your mouth, as you are carried through the crests and downs of wave like dunes in a rapid manner. Come and release the ravaging speed demon inside you through the dune bashing activity. The abrupt jerks and shocks that dune bashing gives you will kick start an adrenaline upsurge in you. It is a rare opportunity that comes once in a lifetime for those who love adventure.

Bedouin campsite, situated in the heart of the desert is the next stop waiting for you after the unique adventure of dune bashing. Traditional Arabic décor embellishes the campsite. In the campsite, one is offered refreshments and snacks. You can loosen your muscles and mind in the campsite reminiscent of the palace of Arab sheikhs. You may take the opportunity to ride on a camel, post relaxation. It is a unique chance on offer only in Abu Dhabi. So you better don’t miss it.

The evening holds for you a heavenly sight of stupendous sunset. Golden sun and the sand sea that is vast and abundant together make the sunset in desert an out of the world experience. Post the lighting of campfire in night; a tasty Arabic cuisine awaits you. Voluptuous professionals engage in an enchanting performance of belly dance to mark the end of the entertainment you had for the whole day and it makes for an appropriate ending.

Short description: Splash into the world of funtainment with our Abu Dhabi Holidays that will transport you to a magical world.
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