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LED lights facing major technical problem: the output power and luminous flux, secondary optical design MR16 LED Lamp , thermal design and power | voltage regulator system design. Improvement of output power and luminous flux also need to further enhance the basic level from the high-power white LED epitaxy, chip process.
LED radiation form lambertian, side shot, bat wing and concentrating several secondary optical design. Lambertian and bat wing design experience in the field of road lighting, according to applicable secondary optical design, making the LED light range, light curves to meet the demand for road lighting. The heat is one of the LED street lights 8mm LED Flexi need to be focused on solving the problem, due to the high requirements of LED street lamp brightness, the large amount of heat, and the outdoors this relatively harsh environment, if the heat is not good is a direct result of the LED rapid aging, reduced stability, in addition to the power to type LED heat, the street lights outdoor nighttime use characteristics, cooling surface in the side above 10mm LED Flexi favor natural air convection. LED street lamp power supply system with conventional light sources with LED low energy consumption, low operating voltage and low output power of solar modules, low output voltage with very appropriate, so tightly packed together a group of LED safety work reliably, but also an indicator of the expedition LED lights.

Short description: AXG has been committed to the LED (Light Emitting Diode,) lighting application development, LED application products direction for decorative lighting, basic lighting and energy saving system. It i
Company address: No.4, Tongfu Road, Tongan Industrial
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Telephone: (86): 5927266653
Mobile phone: 8659188072000
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