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ATAS GL International B.V. has changed her name into GL Sciences B.V.. We are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Founded in 1990, GL Sciences B.V specializes in development and manufacturing of high performance analytical instrumentation for gas chromatography systems. Originally a Dutch company, GL Sciences B.V was acquired in 2001 by the Japanese GL Sciences, Inc. GL Sciences B.V. sells its products mainly in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan. The products are developed for use primarily by advanced analysts from the chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. They are sold through the OEM channels as well as through a selected net of independent distributors around the world. In the Benelux market, GL Sciences B.V. sells its products directly to the end-users distributing also the instruments and consumables produced by others.

Our main product is the OPTIC Multi Mode Inlet for Gas Chromatography.


OPTIC, Inertsil, InertSustain, InertSep, LINEX

Short description: Manufacturer of advanced laboratory sample handling and introduction technology for Gas Chromatography instrumentation.
Company address: De Sleutel 9
Postal Code: 5652AS
Telephone: +31 (0)40 2549531
Twitter account: @glsciences_bv

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      New HPLC Column;    Radically new type of Silica    Separation of compounds from small to large molecules    A radically new PEEK-coated-Steel Hardware preventing adsorption of...
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          EW 4.5 has been released. When a customer likes to use EW 4.5 also new firmware (4.42) must be installed. Our advice is to update current users, but this is not a must. Please take into account that methods made in older versions than EW 4.5...
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            GL Sciences B.V. published a news post -- New Peltier Cooler for OPTIC inlet
            Cooling down the OPTIC inlet till 30°C can be done with air, but for some cold injections in gas chromatography it is needed to inject below ambient temperature. To cool the OPTIC inlet below ambient temperature cryogenic solutions are needed....
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              GL Sciences B.V. is now a connection with Radhika Scientific Solution
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