Arcadia Academy of Music


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At Arcadia Academy of Music, students pour in from Richmond Hill, Maple, Bolton, Newmarket, Brampton and Woodbridge. Classes are given on various musical instruments like piano, keyboard, strings, drums, guitar, violin, cello, clarinet, flute, saxophone and percussion. Classical, jazz and pop are some of the most important fundamentals needed to start the musical journey. Special courses are designed for those opting for the theatre or band. Students can specialize in any of them, once nearing the advanced level. The academy aims at an effective and personalized approach to the concept of music education. Children as well as adults come to learn singing or various wind instruments, stringed instruments and rhythm instruments.

Short description: At Arcadia Academy of Music, Maple, instruments like piano, guitar, drums, cello, percussion and clarinet are taught in classroom or private one-to-one sessions. Kids as well as middle-aged individuals can enroll themselves.
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Company address: 205 Marycroft Ave., Unit 6 Woodbridge, ON
Postal Code: L4L 5X8
Telephone: (905)8518631


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