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Messrs. Aqua Smiths is offering for entrepreneurs comprising of Start-Ups and Existing Corporates, Total Technology Full Project and Finance Consultancy Package, technology, plant, machinery, raw materials, project documentation comprising of country and city specific Detailed Project Reports and Business Plans and full finance packages to cover cost of project on non collateral basis under Equity-Loan Financing from international lenders and investors. The package can be availed under specific license or franchise. Entrepreneurs and promoters from all countries in all continents can start Bottled Water Production Units that will produce 12 Bottled water products in one unit and these comprise of (1) Premium Mineral Water (2) Fruit Flavored Waters including Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, Lime, Passion Fruit (3) Medicated Waters (4) X Factor Waters containing Deep Sea Salts (5) Special Waters for Seniors, Expecting and lactating mothers, Infants, Children (6) Sportspersons (7) Holy Water for Christians (8) Blessed Water (Pirith Water) for Buddhists (9) Herbal Waters (10) Spiced Waters (11) Tonic Waters containing Ginseng Extract (12) Flower Waters. Country representatives or Master Franchisees capable of appointing city or district franchisees to start these units or entrepreneurs-Start Ups or Corporates and existing businesses intending to enter into Bottled Water Business, one of the world’s fast expanding beverage sector can get a copy of a Dossier by writing with details of city or country where the unit is to be established to Messrs. Aqua Smiths at E-mail Id:

Short description: Production technology, plant, machinery and finance for 12 Bottled Water Products for parties in any country
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Company address: Main Road, Doltala, Ganganagar, Calcutta - 700132
Telephone: +91 9836278366


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