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Ancona Jewelers is a leading jewellery shop inside Chicago featuring the actual most well known and well known brand names in the marketplace intended for engagement wedding rings and also otherĀ fine jewelry. We carry Tacori, Simon G., Diana, Belle Etoile, and other high quality jewelry designers. Our goal is to help make yourjewelry purchasing process as pleasant as possible, that's why we offer useful blogs and videos to explain different topics associated with making a fine jewelry purchase. Our history of excellence stems from our love for precious gems,precious metals, and our honor to special occasions.

Short description: engagement rings Chicago, Tacori engagement rings, diamond rings Chicago, jewelry store Chicago
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Company address: 1570 West Lake Street
Postal Code: 60101
Telephone: (630) 775-9000
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Unique Selling Point: Ancona Jewelers
Contact Person: Enzo Ancona
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