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Short description: AmerIndia Technologies Inc an agile IT professional services firm, provides sensible IT Security management solutions capable of managing user identities, securing access to enterprise resources and allocating those resources to users, enabling credible online-business-partnerships, and supporting governance and compliance across the enterprise.
Company address: New Jersey Office 101 Interchange Plaza, Suite 201
Telephone: (609) 632-1285

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    • Amer India
      Empowering businesses on the right foot: IAM Advisory services
      When starting with implementation of your IAM program how do you ensure that you are on the right foot? In today’s dynamic business environment the role of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) is to ensure...
      • Amer India
        5 Reasons Why Information Access Must Be Restricted Within Your Organization
        Your organization may not have any big secrets or any wrongdoings that you need to hide but it would most certainly have some information that is exclusive, confidential and sometimes even dangerous if leaked to the wrong people. The need to keep...