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Amadi Systems was founded to fulfill the needs of data center operators and colocation customers. In keeping with our founding philosophy, Amadi provides its clients hassle-free flexible services to ensure your needs are met. Unlike the competition, our company was formed and is managed by industry experts who have worked in data center environments and understand the intricacies of each part of a data center. Many companies are managed by individuals with business backgrounds and understand how to provide servers at a low initial cost, but they forget or ignore the costs associated with running the server over several years. Amadi is built around providing an initial low cost per server while still maintaining an extremely low total cost of ownership over the total life cycle of your server. Amadi understands the rising cost of power in the data center environment which is why we utilize high efficiency hardware to ensure not only that your up front cost is low but also that your long term power and cooling costs are low.

Short description: supermicro servers
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Company address: 470 Mission St. Unit 9
Telephone: 888-962-6234

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