Alternative Parts, Inc.


Business description

Alternative Parts, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Amada Machinery. Their offerings include parts, equipment, new Amada America products such as Amada laser, shear blades, press brakes etc. and service for Amada America products.

The company was founded to provide you with another source of obtaining parts for your equipment. Their complete product line has been designed and manufactured to original OEM specifications. Without substituting quality, they offer prices that reflect 10% to 70% discounts.

All orders received for stock items are shipped the same day with next day deliveries available to customers with emergency situations.

Alternative Service, Inc. provides service for all Amada Fabricating Equipment. Service Contracts are available which will include a 25% discount on most parts.

Alternative Machinery Sales, Inc. is dedicated to providing the customers with the highest quality new and used equipment in the industry. They are committed to matching the customers’ needs with the correct machine.

Contact Details:

Alternative Parts Inc.

7 Sawgrass Drive, Bellport,  NY, 11713, USA

Telephone Number:

888-882-6001, 631-345-9500

Fax:      (631) 345-9580


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Opening Hours:
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST



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