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If you are like many people living with chronic knee and back pain, there are many injection type options for you, to cope with your pain. We know that choosing what is best for you can be confusing. At our injection clinic we are here to educate and guide you on what might be the best choice for you. Knowledge will give you an advantage against your pain. The goal of injections is pain relief. When oral medications aren’t properly treating your pain and if surgery isn’t an option for you, injections could be the perfect choice. Cortisone injections have been used as a non-surgical treatment option to treat many forms of pain. Most commonly to manage low back pain, knee or leg pain and other joints that may be causing pain issues.  For decades injections have been used and can provide sufficient relief so patients can improve activity level and thus quality of life.

Short description: Pain Management services near Wauwatosa, WI.
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