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Businesses always keep documents regarding safety procedures and policies that are hiring people for their firm, so that they can communicate it to them for their safety purposes.

Founded by Stephen McPherson in 2001, Alegra Safety has seen considerable growth in the last decade due to the increasing importance of Health and Safety standards both nationally and internationally.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Alegra Safety Consultants work to the highest International standards assisting businesses throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East in achieving a safer working environment.

Our training division can offer a selection of accredited safety courses to you and your employees either conveniently on location, or at one of our two training facilities in Perth.

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Slogan: We focus on your safety, so you can focus on your future!
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      Every business has their own business strategies. But, safety and security is important for all types of business, whether it is small or large. That is why safety management training and policies are invented. Every business owner should provide...
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        Often we hear about accidents and unwanted incidents occurring in factories, mining sites, construction areas and other working places. Do you know the reasons behind all these? This is because proper safety measures and standards are not followed...
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