Business description

SomaliAid is a non-profit non-governmental organization striving to formulate and develop a sustainable solution to relief and development issues in Somalia.

Our Purpose

Building healthy communitiese
Promoting sustainabilitye
Working through partnershipse
Serving the disadvantaged people

How SomaliAid Work

SomaliAid will play the role of the active broker and resources coordinator

that brings the involved parties together, and encourages a continuous sharing and collaboration.

Donations and contributions by members of SA will drive the organization’s initiatives and projects; these contributions may be in cash and/or kind.

Short description: We are a local NGO work in all Puntland regions, to recover those affected drought and conflict for the long time.
Company name
Company address: 780992
Slogan: Serving the Somalis everywhere
Postal Code: 252
Telephone: 780992
Mobile phone: 799215
Twitter account: N/A

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    • Somaliaid
      Somaliaid commented on a video We Solve Bathroom Mould Problems

      Now, You can use ur toilet freely, after having problem with ceiling and moulding tubes in ur toilet, let's care they have specialist for solving problems and removed what bring ourselves harm in terms of health.

      • Somaliaid
        Somaliaid commented on a video We Solve Bathroom Mould Problems

        I liked the way they solved the toilet in this house.

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