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Myself Ajit Singh I’m in e-commerce Business …looking Some Business Partners (6 Avenues To

Earn) Become an Entrepreneur to Help Mankind

First time we are Providing Award Winning Education from

N.C.E.R.T ( National Council of Educational Research)

U.N.E.S.C.O ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

W.S.Y.A (The World Summit Youth Award ),

Worldwide Vacations  ( 3,700 + Resorts )

Technological Wellness ( Latest Invention of Dr Ian Lyons Bio-Resonance Transfer )

Technology under the one roof.

We are in the franchising business, with very powerful Virtual office and

Compensation Plan, So that Every person can Achieve their Dreams into Reality.

As we know Network Marketing is the profession of 21ct.Here Glotera brings a unique and

life Changing Business Program: i.E.R.A

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Ajit Singh +91 987 6249 102    987 6244 119 ........ajitglotera (Skype )

Ajit Glotera ( Google Search )

Short description: Be an Entrepreneur
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Slogan: “The way to predict the future is to create it.”
Mobile phone: +91 98762 49102………+91 98762 44119
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Skype username: ajitglotera
      This is a Future Of Wellness iLiveOn Wellness is the wellness product line of Glotera, designed to increase your energy levels and maintain your wellness on a daily basis, thus promoting a balanced lifestyle and an improved mind body and soul.Myself...
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        Glotera will be driven to ensure people with the willingness to work hard and are Goal orientated, that they will find their financial security here.I,m seeking some key people to build a Strong Foundation of Entrepreneur's World Wide.First time we...
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          This is some information regarding the Glotera This is a International Plat Form Based On E-Commercewith Very Strong Business Compensation Plan and Virtual Office ( so that you can trace your Business around the Globe ) As we know network...
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