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Aedificant Securitatem / Security Build Consortium Spring 2014 - We would like to extend our thanks to all currently pending partners


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AEdificant Securitatem Consortium

Top selection of

  • experienced security professionals
  • efficient products (comprehensive reviews)
  • trusted suppliers and companies.



  • regional intel & inquiry status
  • auction liaisons & representatives
  • full promoting of products and services,
  • connections support/supplier
Short description: Aedificant Securitatem Consortium (lat.) / *Build Security
Bedrijfs naam
Adres: Bucharest-Brasov-Constanta
Slogan: Aedificant Securitatem / *Build Security
Postcode: 500365
Telephone: +40761172402
Mobiele telefoon: +40761172402
Twitter account: aesconsortium
Skype username: aesconsortium
Contact Persoon: Mark Stojan
Type of services organization

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