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Found in 2009 by Dee Gorra, 'Adi' is taken from our middle names, Komang Adi and my name, Adhi Wijaya. The word 'Adi' in Bali also means little brother or sister and 'Melali' is an ‘official’ past time for a Balinese, which basically means ‘going out somewhere’. This could be by yourself or with a friend; visiting someone or simply going nowhere in particular.
These often spontaneous adventures invariably involve a coffee and a snack somewhere on the way.
You are welcome to ‘melali’ with us or just jump on my motorbike and visit a friend in a village - the more remote the better.

Adi Melali, might just a simple name, but behind that there's a big dream.
A fair online travel that can trust by people all around the world as their travelling buddy in Bali.

Short description: Adimelali is your trusted traveling buddies in Bali
Company address: Jl.Pratu Md. Rambug Gang Taman Beji II No. 24 Gianyar -Bali
Slogan: See Truly, Deeply, Madly Bali
Telephone: +6281337795381
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