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Located along Magsaysay Avenue, The ADC Hotel boasts of its proximity to the city’s lifestyle center, making each stay a truly memorable experience. Indeed, this homey hotel offers the luxury and convenience yet allows guests to take part in the global quest for environment protection. It is the only hotel in the city installed with the water harvesting facility, a green laundry system, a solar heater system, and power efficient lighting system. Additionally, recycled metal scrap and other recycled materials dominate its classy yet conscientious embellishment. Not only are the guests enjoined to be conscious about the environment, they are also introduced to the colorful culture of PNG and given the privilege to experience some of them including its pride – the PNG coffee, one of the world’s best brews!

Short description: Finally, Naga City’s newest and most exciting creation – the ADC Hotel, opens its doors to visitors. A first of its kind in terms of concept and style, this boutique hotel of contemporary..
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Company address: Naga City is known as the Heart of Bicol because of its centralized location in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The ADC Hotel is located along Magsaysay Avenue
Slogan: Experience The ADC Hotel and Live Life in Vibrant Colors…
Postal Code: 4400
Telephone: 0544722326/4722328 fax 4722327
Mobile phone: 09062526669
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Unique Selling Point: The ADC Hotel is a family run hotel and after years of hard work in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the owners decided to return to the Philippines to fulfill their father’s dream of building
Chamber of Commerce:: filipino-chinese chamber of commerce
Contact Person: ms joahanna garcia
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