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ZAMAHA is the OEM manufacturers and exporters of all range surgical, dental tweezers / forceps, beauty tweezers , optical tweezers, dressing plier, dental tweezers, color tweezers, titanium forceps and range surgical instruments.

Regular production items :
Gracey Curette, Scaler, Explorer, probe, Filling Instruments, mirror handle etc.
Tooth Extracting forceps, needle holder, bone rongeur, orthodontic pliers, wire cutter etc.
root elevators, rubber dam punch, plier, rubber dam clamp etc.
crown instruments, crown scissors, crown opener, crown spreader, crown remover etc.
dental tweezers, meriam tweezers, tissue forceps, adson tweezers, adson forceps etc.
sterlizing forceps, mosquito forceps, kelly forceps, kelly-renkin forceps etc.

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ZAMAHA International

Tel: +92 333 8615589
Fax : +92 52 4566335

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Short description: Offer Good prices for Dental Instruments, Crown Instruments, Filling Instruments and Orthodontic pliers, Surgical Instruments, Medical Instruments
Company address: P.O.Box 2382, Elahi Street, Islamia College Road,
Slogan: Best Quality, Intime Dispatch
Telephone: +92-333-8615589
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