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Business description

YELLOW METRO is the newest and most aggressive monthly sales ads paper circulating for free and targeting 35,000 high-end and prominent villages, subdivisions, townhouses, condominiums and business centres reaching elite market in the prime areas of Ortigas, Quezon City and Makati. It’s a no news, pure ads & full-color advertising paper, bringing the best products and services available in the market.

Here’s our 2 monthly editions:

ORTIGAS-QC EDITION: 20,000 copies

MAKATI EDITION: 15,000 copies

YELLOW METRO will help you link your products and services to consumers with buying power that will enable your business to hit your target market in a cost effective manner. Our system of distribution is more efficient than just simply handling out flyers. Our main objective is to help companies / entrepreneurs to reinforce their marketing strategies thru print media by creating a greater visual impact since we have the means to effectively spread your contact numbers / delivery hotlines / products & services, direct to households which you consider as your target market.

Advertise now & make us part of your sales & marketing tool & experience the most affordable and efficient results for your products and services and see yourself the evidence of our commitment to bring you topmost advertising range.

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Company name
Company address: 414 Rose St., Bliss Hulo, Mandaluyong City Philippines
Slogan: Bring you Closer to the METRO
Postal Code: 1550
Telephone: +632 534 2126
Mobiele telefoon: +639088102310
Skype username: yellow.metro

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