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We Provide Best Discount Price.Upto 50 Rupees Discount on all PSO Packing Product per Liter and also Discount upto 75 Rupees on all PSO Drum Product per Litre.

To cater to all kinds of lubricants customers, including automotive, hi-street and industrial consumers by meeting the national demand through products of international standards, PSO has set up a state-of-the-art Lubricants Manufacturing Terminal (LMT) at Korangi Industrial Area in Karachi. Raw materials (Lube Base Oils and Additives) are acquired from suppliers of national and international repute and stored as per the prevailing global standards. The most advanced computerized equipment like the Automatic Batch Blender (ABB), Simultaneous Metered Blending (SMB) and Additive Dozing Unit (ADU) have been installed at the Lubricant Manufacturing terminal (LMT) in order to produce top-quality lubricants in desired volume as per the demand.

The packages in which the lubricants are offered to customers are also selected after thorough evaluation of suppliers as it is very important to PSO to supply lubricants to its valued customers as per their requirements. Therefore, lubricants are packed and sealed at the LMT in such a manner that customers receive them without any impurity and weather effect.

To cater to the local lubricants requirements Free Lube Delivery Vans have been introduced. These vans carry consignments to all Retail, Hi-Street and Industrial Consumers, even up to Dhabeji, Thatta and Hub Chowki. Whereas to dispatch the required consignments to customers located in various other parts of the country, lubricants are transferred from the LMT to the upcountry depots through a fleet of 20 ft and 40 ft dedicated containers from where onwards the customers are fed according to their orders. Our leading lubes brands are DEO and Carient.

Short description: BIN-ZAFI GROUP & LUBRICANT NETWORK An AUTHORIZED:Dealer/Distributor Pakistan State Oil Company Limited
Company address: Korangi Industrial Area.
Slogan: Lubricants
Postal Code: 75800
Telephone: 021-37676930
Mobile phone: 0300-8288356
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Unique Selling Point: Main Baradari Stop.Opp Furqania Masjid,Plot No A-257,North Karachi,Karachi
Contact Person: M.Zeeshan Alam
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