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Window Bubble is manufactured by Dilworth Manufacturing Company to provide security for unsafe window wells. We offer metal window well covers, wood window well covers, and custom window well covers. Dilworth Manufacturing Company’s patented Window Bubble offers security, protection, and insulation to your window wells. The Window Bubble is customized to fit a variety of window sizes, and comes in wooden and metal varieties to suit your needs. The Window Bubble protects your window wells from harsh weather, dirt, and debris that collect over time. It also keeps animals and even burglars out of your home. The Window Bubble provides added safety measures to your home so that pedestrians avoid tripping in an exposed well and potentially injuring themselves. Basement window well covers are our specialty – we can customize a basement window well cover of any size or shape. Our high quality window well covers are easy to install and virtually maintenance free, with all hardware included with delivery. Call toll-free at 1-888-624-8699 or visit to learn more!

Short description: The Preferred Heavy Duty Window Well Cover Custom Built to Fit Your Home
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Company address: 6051 Division Hwy
Slogan: The Preferred Heavy Duty Window Well Cover
Postal Code: 17555
Telephone: 888-624-8699
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