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Business description

Whitehats, a member of Pharaon Group of Companies is a full service IT network and infrastructure support organization. Since 2007 Whitehats has been at the forefront of supporting technological developments in IT/Network Solutions, Support Solutions and Security Solutions. Based in Dubai, Whitehats has an experienced team of IT professional’s expert in all fields of today’s complicated networking and IT world.

Unlike other IT support companies, Whitehats does not depend on a specific hardware or software coverage. Whitehats supports all makes and brands of hardware as well as all operating systems and software (including client specific). What this also means is that Whitehats has the expertise and freedom to advise and implement what is right for the client–and not being limited to certain products, software and systems.

Short description: IT service and solutions provider company
Company address: Whitehats LLC , Al Quoz 3
Slogan: Servicing your IT
Postal Code: 38149
Telephone: 04-3382500
Mobile phone: 0508706632
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.whitehats.ae
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/whitehatsme
Skype username: Whitehats.uae


Unique Selling Point: Annual IT Support
Contact Person: Anila Antony
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