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Homeopathic Treatment Services We are providing our clients treatment for Vitiligo,Chronic skin problems,all type of new and old allergies, joint problems like Gout and Artheritis without surgery, Psoriasis, hairfall, Weight loss, Psychological Imbalance, Autism, Special Homeopathic Treatment for Special Childen. Vitiligo (leucoderma) -Its Homeopathic Treatment Skin Problems And Homeopathy Homeopathic Treatment of Allergies Homeopathy For Joint Pain In Gouty, Arthritis Treatment For Old Psoriasis Treating Hairfall, Baldness Alopecia, ete,ete

Short description: Homoeopathic Treatment
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Company address: Wasim Homoeo Clinic, Darul Aman Socity, Behind Slik Bank, Near Bloch Colony Flyover, Karachi, Pakistan
Slogan: We care your health
Postal Code: 75350
Telephone: +923002684409
Mobile phone: +923002684409
Skype username: rehan,anjum76


Chamber of Commerce:: Karachi Chamber Of Commerce Pakistan
Contact Person: Dr. Rehan Anjum
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