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VoteBash provides a free web and mobile application available on iPhone, iPad, Android. VoteBash changes the way how we give, share and connect our opinions. An intuitive design with instant meaningful analytics and infographic reports. VoteBash allows you to ask unlimited questions and get opinions from your network. Reward your customers and voters with VoteBash Deals on branded buttons. Voters share your rewards with their network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram and gain more reach for your research. Use VoteBash as your instant opinion platform to market your brand and understand your customers to increase sales or retain an audience base.

Short description: VoteBash is a crowd-sourced micro research tool with a social voting network that allows you to get unlimited opinions from your network, distribute your brand and influence what matters to others and you.
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Company address: 310 S Harrington St
Slogan: The World Decides Hereā€¦
Postal Code: 27603
Telephone: 18446698683
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