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Empasis company, specializes in the sales of food supplements. Precisely Wholegrain supplements.

Some one would probably say, i dont need it, very well then, but i tell you that considering the nature of foods available in the market for consumption, the need for food supplements can not be over emphasized.

Human beings are made up cells, cells come together to form tissues and tissues come together to make up an organ and organs come together to make up our body system. So the foundation of good nutrition begins with the cells

Our foods are highly processed such that basic nutrients needed for our cells to stay healthy is lacking. Human cells needs daily servings of wheat, soya beans and rice bran to stay heathy. Healthy cells basically means nutrients are absorbed in to the cell and wastes go out. Unhealthy cells are dormant, no absorbtion of nutrients nor removal of waste.

Now we rarely consume foods with full components of wheat, soyabeans and rice bran(brown rice or ofada rice), hence food supplements with whole grain concentrates is what we need to feed our cells to stay healthy.

Making wholegrain part of our daily diet results to the following benefits,
It rejuvenates life
It gives more energy as a result of healthy cells
It is a must for any diabetic or prediabetic person
It regulates hormonal imbalance
Its important for a healthy prostate (Males only)
It reduces the occurance of migraine or headaches
It is alsoessential for pregnant women
Taking whole grain concentrates supplement is a combination of wheat, soyabeans, rice bran

Take that step to a healthy life, get your whole grain supplement now.

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Company address: BASE 5, KARU, ABUJA
Slogan: Health is wealth
Telephone: 08065820803
Mobiele telefoon: 08065820803

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