Business description

Virtualliance is a multi experienced company in the Security industry. We supply a vast array of Security solutions big or small. If you are looking for home security, or for a larger warehouse / industry access control, security and integrated surveillance, we are the company you need to call.

Our vision is striving to be your security and project alliance partner regardless of size or make up.

Through dedication to service excellence, high levels of business ethics and determination to exceed expectations Virtualliance will grow with you our prospective client and service providers to become the obvious choice.

With the ever growing crime in our country we have done research on solutions that will keep you, your family and staff safe.

Should you be interested in upgrading your existing system or integrating it to your head office or merely looking for a Service provider to maintain your system, we will be able to assist in all regards.

Short description: Security Installation Specialist - Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Surveillance, Gate Automation
Company address: Boksburg
Slogan: Let us Secure You!!!
Postal Code: 1452
Telephone: 0118236168
Mobile phone: 0824217057
Twitter account: none
Skype username: none


Unique Selling Point: Security Solutions Specialists
Chamber of Commerce:: not applicable
Contact Person: Sharene
Company Revenue