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VIBHA SYSTEMS -- PVC Strip Curtains Suppliers and Manufacturers in Chennai

Easy to wipe, clean and strips can be replaced if required
• Durable top quality PVC Material features heavy duty strength and tear resistant for long service life
• Admits light, transparancy provides excellent, visibility for through traffic
• Restrict movement of air pollutantns such as dust, dirt, smoke, fumes
• Control employee comfort by keeping temperature and humidity under control
• Prevent birds & flying insects, outside or between different work areas
• Reduce heat or cold air loss by opening only wide enough to let a person or a vehicle go through and then closing automatically

We are an experienced and a leading Welding PVC Strip curtains Suppliers and Manufacturers in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all places in India. Welding strip screens are especially made and these works such as a anti welding screens and prevents the persons working from sparks and protects the eyes from the harmful lights of the welding flares. Welding PVC Strip Curtains are useful in Welding Areas, Factories where welding is done on a daily and major basis, workshops, welding booths, etc.

Air Curtains
Pvc Strip Curtains
Automatic Hand Dryers
Insect Fly Killer
Shoe Shining Machine
Soap Dispenser
Aerosol Dispenser
Paper Dispenser
Dust Bins

Chennai- 600 049,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile : +91 - 7200022050
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Company address: Villivakkam
Postal Code: 600049
Telephone: 7200022050
Mobile phone: 7200022050
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