Utility Savings Club

How much easier would it be to have 1 bill for all your utilities yes just 1 bill. ahhh i have shouldun't u !


Business description

Many have not  heard of the Utility discount club before. We don't spend our customers' money on expensive advertising campaigns. Instead, we rely on the best form of promotion there is - personal recommendation from satisfied customers.

Joining the Utility Warehouse Discount Club means that youSAVE:

  • Single bill for all your utilities
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Value that's unbeatable
  • Easy to switch

We provide over 450,000 homes and small businesses throughout the UK with Home Phone, Mobiles, Broadband, Gas and Electricity.

In a recent survey, 96% of our customers said they would recommend us to a friend.

Telecom Plus PLC

We are named PLC of the Year at the annual PLC awards in 2009, Best Telecommunications PLC at the Stock Exchange Awards in 2011, and have received many other awards and endorsements from consumer organisations and in the press

Our Price Promise guarantees:

  • The UK's cheapest Home Phone and Broadband bundle
  • The UK's cheapest Mobile
  • The UK's cheapest standard Gas and Electric

We also offer a business opportunity of a life time, with free training and support. You can work as a distributor part time or full time and it won't effect your current job. 


Short description: Save Money, Earn Money!
Company name
Company address: 12 Belsay Close
Slogan: Save Money, Earn Money!
Postal Code: DL17 8SX
Telephone: 07432150417
Mobile phone: 07432150417

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