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Nepal Handicraft Product

We are the manufacturer, wholesale & exporter of handmade products and clothing from Nepal, ritual objects, garments & fashion accessories, Hemp Product, Woolen Product, Pashmina Product, and Felt Product are our major production. We offer online shopping for quality handmade crafts e.g. mens wear, ladies fashion wears, winter wear, summer wear, silver jewellery, mala beads, Pashmina, Hemp, Woolen, Felt,  incense, Handmade paper, statue & more Which are given below: Capturing the essence of Nepalese craftsmanship, we at Unique Creative Export Handicrafts manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of a wide variety of quality handcrafted products. Our Handicrafts has been a well established company. This company is directly associated with the artists and craft men so the prices of the products are also very reasonable. 

With our in-depth understanding of the handicraft industry in Nepal, coupled with years of extensive experience, we have touched the pulse of the customers across the globe by offering handcrafted products that reflects the spirit and mystery of Nepalese cultures and traditions. Apart from having aesthetic value, our products are distinguished in the market for their competitive price and the quality of our products - which is the state of the art. We believe that there is a prospect to sell this Nepalese Handicraft and Hand crafted Nepalese Crafts in any competitive market around the globe. 



Short description: Nepal Handicraft Product, Nepali Products Exporter, Nepal Handicraft.
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Company address: Thamel
Slogan: Nepal Handicraft Product
Postal Code: 15147
Telephone: 14253677
Mobiele telefoon: 9851004239
Skype username: parshuram.adhikari1


Unique Selling Point: Kathmandu
Chamber of Commerce:: yes
Contact Person: Parshuram
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