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Traffik UK Limited is a family business that has for over 20 years worked in all areas of commercial floor cleaning and maintenance.We strive to bring you the latest in cost saving and sustainable floor care technology and to ensure that wherever possible you never have to replace a floor again. Using advanced PU technology we can re-design, re-colour, re-furbish old floors to create new branding, brighter environments and an extension to the life of your floors. Our services include anti slip and anti static floor surfaces to create a safe working environment for your staff and protect your business operation against data loss

Short description: Specialist Floorcare and Recoating Systems
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Company address: Unit 30, Deverill Road Trading Estate, Sutton Veny, Warminster
Postal Code: BA12 7BZ
Telephone: 0800 2985012


Unique Selling Point: Leaders in pedestrian slip assessment and treatments to BS7976 and champions of sustainable flooring.
Contact Person: Charlotte Cole
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