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Business description

Conducts following courses for Students and Professionals:
1. ERP - Functional & Technical
2. Basic Computer for All
3. Hardware & Networking
4. Soft-Skill
5. C++, VB and Java
Job Assistance provided.

Short description: ERP and Soft-Skill Education Training Institute
Company name
Company address: 121, Jodhpur Gardens
Slogan: Adds Value to Your Profile
Postal Code: 700045
Telephone: 65004333
Mobile phone: 9432075119
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.tiyasedutech.com
Twitter account: tiyas_edu


Contact Person: B. Chaudhury
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            Tiyas Edutech posted a new ad in the Market Learn ERP with Job Assistance
            Tiyas Edutech in association with EGO Finishing School is providing ERP Training with Job Assistance for students and working professionals. For details call 6500-4333 or visit us at www.tiyasedutech.com
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