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The specialists opened in 1976 as a single store in Tucson, Arizona called Auto Stereo Specialists and we only had 3 employees. We had a passion for quality instillations and top-notch products. Now that our company has grown to over 70 employees, we made sure that we continue to always adhere to the culture of quality products, flawless installation and relentless customer service.Over the years, the Specialists has been honored by trade publications, manufacturers, civic organizations and charities. Awards like Best of the Best, Retailer of the Year, High Performance Award and Award of Excellence all dominate the trophy case at the Specialists Corporate offices.

Short description: Today, the Specialists has five stores and a centralized online fulfillment center for our mobile electronics division
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Company address: 5602 E. Broadway Blvd
Slogan: The specialists opened in 1976 as a single store in Tucson
Postal Code: 85711
Telephone: 520-571-8500
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