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The Global Associates is a unique full service sales and marketing organization .
Established in 2010 & has grown to 50 team members with 2 office locations.

Increase your outreach in existing and new markets (globally), get new clients & increase your revenue, all at a substantially reduced costs.

Committed to work towards achieving your sales and marketing goals.
Staffed with Sales Professionals who are web-empowered and phone- productive the entire day, The Global Associates can bring transformational rewards to you.

Short description: Delivering Sales & Marketing Solutions Globally
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Company address: Jaipur, Rajasthan (INDIA)
Telephone: +1 (408) 540-6462 (USA) +91- 9214000022 (INDIA)
Mobile phone: 09818815558
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Unique Selling Point: We deliver best sales solutions at reduced cost.
Contact Person: Vandana Rana
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