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Tailors is a Health institution in the heart of the cape wine lands that provides Group training, Physio therapy, Beauticians, Psychologist, Biokineticist, Sport therapy, Personal training, Power plate, Running track, Mountain biking, gym facilities and more to come. Our institution is open to all, young and old. As health is important in the workplace, we are currently working with corporate companies and training their staff to be as efficient as possible. We create a warm and welcoming environment and communicate with our clients on a daily basis. All that we want is for our clients to be fit for life and anything it might throw at them.

Short description: At Taylors Health and Fitness we provide our clients with everything they need to achieve their goals such as being healthy and mentally strong.
Company address: 33 Canterbury Lane
Slogan: Life, Be fit for it
Postal Code: 7600
Telephone: +27 (0)21 880 2422
Mobile phone: 021 880 2422
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.taylorsonline.co.za

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