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Providing world class Video Communication Products has always been a top priority at Talk Fusion, and we continue to have a passion for changing people's lives. This desire stems from our Founder & CEO, Bob Reina's enthusiasm for life, charity, and the dream of helping people live life on their own terms. With Talk Fusion, there’s no experience necessary. Getting more attention, more feedback and more business with our Video Communication Solution is as easy as point, click, send. Talk Fusion offers Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, Webinar Recording, E-Sub Forms, Video Autoresponders, Online Video communication campaigns, Contact Manager, On the Go Apps, Social Networking functionality, Video Blogs, and other Video Communication Products with a GLOBAL and lucrative instant pay network marketing income opportunity. Perfect for Product only, or product and opportunity making this a win win for any business or individual.

Short description: Independent Associate: Connect the world with a single click. From Video Email and Video Newsletters to mobile apps, E-Subscription lead capture forms, Video Auto Responders and more, Talk Fusion g
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Slogan: Be part of the moment
Telephone: 917-583-2866
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Skype username: stephanana33


Unique Selling Point: Video email and video conferencing plus 8 other products for an incredibly affordable value with a compensation plan that pays you back many fold.
Contact Person: Stephanie Trager
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      Introducing a Video Communications Company Sweeping the Globe

      March 20, 2013 - Do you use newsletters? Have you ever used or even heard of VIDEO EMAIL? Imagine opening your inbox and therein lies a beautiful custom branded template with your contact information- like your own private branded billboard- and in the template is...


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