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With great respect to you we offer to open up the business and friendly relations for supply of variety of Ukrainian, Russian, and Byelorussian products. Now we represent the interests of the largest Ukrainian and Russian Manufacturers of pipes and many Steel Mills in Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia. We have already supplied and now we supply pipes and other metal products to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, UAE, etc. And we very much hope to expand this business.

Namely we offer delivery of such metal:

1. Ribbed and plain steel bars; classes of rebar: sizes (NN): 8 to 40 mm compliant with BDS, DIN, BS, UNE, ASTM, NEN, CAN/CSA, LNEC, ELOT, STAS, DSTU standards, А400, A500, BSt500S, Аt800 and many others; 2. Round steel bars: diameter 10-60 mm compliant with EN 10025, EN 10083 DSTU 3760, 2006, DSTU 2290 – 88, GOST 8509-93, GOST 535-2005, GOST 380-2005, GOST 1050-1988, GOST 2590-2006 standards al angles: 25х(3-4), 32х(3-4), 35х(3-5), 40х(3-5), 45х(3-5), 50х(3-6), 56х(4-5), 63х(4-6), 65х(6-8), 70х(4,5-8,0), 75х(5-9), 80х(5,5-8,0),90х(6-9), 100х(6,5-10,0), 110х(7-8), 125х(8-12)mm thick compliant with EN10056,DSTU 4484, 2005, DSTU 2251 – 93, GOST 8509-93, GOST 535-2005, GOST 27772, GOST 19281, GOST 353, TU 14-15-146-85, TU 14-1-3023-80, TU 14-1-4877-90 standard.
3. Channels: profile number 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Length: from 4 to 12 m. Beams of the parallel-sided: profile number 10B1, 12B1, 12B2, 14B2, 16B1, 16B2. Length: from 6 to 12 m.
4. Hot rolled coils, sheets and plates, Standards: ASTM (ASME), DIN, EN, JIS, BS, GOST; thick. mm: 1.8-3.9; 4.0-8.0; 6.0-50; 25-160

And pipes:
1. Seamless hot-rolled steel pipes; API 5L, ASTM A53/A106, EN 10025/10210; DIN1629/17100/17121, GOST 8731-74/8732-78, sizes: Diameter (mm) 32.0 up to 530.0;
Thickness (mm) 3.2 up to 60.0;
2. Line pipes (electric welded); API 5L; ASTM A 252;EN 10208-2; DIN 1626/17172/2458;
GOST 10706/20295; sizes (mm): Diameter (mm) 168.3 (6 5/8”) up to 1422.0(56”); Thickness (mm) 4 up to 52;
3. Seamless high-temperature steel pipes for boilers; ASTM A 53/ A 106; DIN 17175; EN 10216-2; TU 14-3-460-75, ТU 14-3-190-82; sizes (mm): D 21.3 x 2.0-5.0 up to D 377.0 x 13.0-56.0;
4. Casing tubes with threaded joints and coupled; API 5 CT; GOST 632-80/633-80;
sizes (mm): D 114.30 (4 1/2”) up to D 339.73 (13 3/8”); 5. Tubing; API-5 CT; GOST 633-80; sizes (mm): D 48.26 up to D 114.30; 6. Casing and coring tubes for geology-exploring drilling and nipples for them; GOST 6238-77,
TU 14-3-1918-93; sizes (mm): D 73.0 x 5.0 up to D 146.0 x 5.0;
7. Exploration drilling pipes and their couplings, GOST 7909-56, TU 14-3-1919-93; sizes (mm): D 42.0 x 5.5 (coupling D 57.0) up to D 63.5 x 6.0 (coupling D 83.0); 8. Welded pipes for water & gas systems; GOST 10705-80/10704-91/3262-75;
sizes (mm): D 21.3 x 2.0-3.2 up to D 219.1 x 5.0 (½” - 8”);

Also we supply a wide range of pipe and tube products of different Standards and Steel Grades: Seamless cold finished steel pipes (D 5 mm up to D 90 mm); shaped pipes (seamless & ERW); austenitic stainless steel pipes; Pipes from the titan and titanic alloys; Bearing tubes; Seamless steel tubes for petroleum processing and petrochemical industry; Cracking tubes; Heavy-wall pipes; Pipes for shipbuilding & oil-refining industry; Special thin-walled pipes; and many other.
We hope for future fruitful cooperation!

Best Regards, Igor Zhebelyuk,
CEO Steel Industrial Company

Short description: With great respect to you we offer to open up the business and friendly relations for supply of variety of Ukrainian, Russian, and Byelorussian products. Now we represent the interests
Company address: 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS, United Kingdom, Ukrainian Branch Office: Trubnikov ave. 39, Nikopol, Ukraine
Postal Code: 53201
Telephone: +38 066 53 60 717, +38 093 75 00 222
Skype username: IGOR-STEEL


Contact Person: Igor Zhebelyuk
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