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We are located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 140 km from the capital Managua San Juan del Sur is a beautiful tourist port in the south of the country that offers its visitors a great tourist options, including Spanish lessons today we live in a globalized world must be known to communicate with people of different nationalities. that is why as English as Spanish in our continent has become a very important tool for Americans as well as for Latin American; Nicaragua has the best security in Central America I mean we are the country with the smallest crime rate in the region.

We have over 8 years of experience, We offer study material, coffee to be relaxed while taking your Spanish lesson, Wifi 100% free for our students, flexible hours, great location we are in the main street of San Juan del Sur less than 3 minutes walking from the beach. It's time to learn and study Spanish language now in San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is a good place to learn and study Spanish in Nicaragua in Spanish Corner School, we are an Spanish language School offering online tutoring one to one.activitiesare not included in the price. 

Phone: 1-806-416-4704

Short description: Spanish Nicaraguan School located in Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur
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Company address: avenida del parque, san juan del sur
Slogan: It's Time to Learn Spanish
Postal Code: 505
Telephone: 1-806-416-4704
Mobile phone: 83636007
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Skype username: christian030680


Unique Selling Point: Spanish Corner School also PayPal
Chamber of Commerce:: tourism
Contact Person: Christian Rodriguez
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